Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Cool and Gentle Tattoo – The Butterfly Effect

A butterfly tattoo is also common not only for some girls but for men as well. It is a symbol of a new life and a new beginning of a changing life. For some, it represents transformation, change, love and joy.
But where does the butterfly came from? A butterfly is an insect with colorful wings that attracts the attention of humans. They migrate over a long distances and acts as an agent for pollination.
The butterfly symbolizes and represents different kings of meanings in some countries. According to some people, a butterfly represents a person’s soul whether they are living, dying, or already dead. According to Japanese superstition, the person whom you most love will come to see you if a butterfly entered in a room and perches behind a bamboo tree. But butterflies are sometimes also viewed as bad omens in Japan. It is said that unnecessary things will happen if a butterfly is seen in a banquet.
In ancient Greek the butterfly primarily means soul and mind. Two butterflies flying together represent love in Chinese. Butterfly also symbolizes rebirth into a new life after being inside a cocoon for a long period of time. Some European believes that spirits or souls are trapped inside a white butterfly. It can also be a symbol of freedom and transition as well as peace. For the Native Americans, it is said that if you tell a secret to a butterfly, it is very safe in them because butterflies are born to secrecy. In the Philippines, a black butterfly is a sign that a family member has died or will pass away if it entered inside the house. Some people believed that if a butterfly landed on you, it means good luck. But in Devonshire, it is their tradition that they will kill the first butterfly seen on that year if you do not want to face the entire year with bad luck.
As a tattoo design, a butterfly can be a representation of someone most precious that has passed away. It can be a symbol of a promise to someone close to you. A butterfly is a representation of love, beauty, a new beginning for every ending and strength but obviously, the meaning of a tattoo design like the butterfly totally depends on the person.

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